Driving Sustainability Standards in New Homes – A resource for local authorities

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This playbook is the output of a UKGBC collaboration and has been designed for local authorities (planning and development/housing delivery agents) across England to provide consistency and drive ambition in the delivery of much needed sustainable, quality new homes. BRE have supported this project which:

  • clarifies the current legal and policy context;
  • provides guidance in respect to carbon emission reduction and overheating risk;
  • advocates the adoption of our HQM (and other tools) as effective means of performance assurance; and
  • provides insight into viability modelling and its possible future direction

It is an industry endorsed and legally sound reference point that should give Local Authorities the confidence to push standards and adopt HQM as one of its tools to drive performance delivery. Overviews and further info can be found at BRE Buzz: Sustainability in New Homes and the UKGBC website as part of their Core Cities Programme