Sustainable Procurement

Part of bringing about positive change in the built environment and the wider world involves reducing the negative impact of human activity on the environment. As BREEAM encourages and helps others to improve their environmental performance, we must lead by example if we are to maintain the trust and confidence of our customers. 

Our Goals

Make responsible & accountable decisions
Our procurement approach will promote responsible and accountable decision making. This will include overarching purchasing and supply objectives that integrate the environmental, social and economic pillars of sustainability.

Work together with our supply chain
We will work with our suppliers to achieve positive outcomes through communication and closer collaboration. This will enable us to encourage and support our suppliers to adapt their products, packaging and services to deliver improved sustainability performance that aligns with our sustainable procurement objectives.

Report on our activities & achievements
We will ensure that our procurement-related approach and performance is brought to the attention of decision makers throughout our supply chain, as well as BREEAM’s customers and stakeholders.

Celebrate success with our supply chain
We believe that recognising success is very powerful. When businesses show respect for one another’s achievements, it’s likely each will try harder and contribute more; forge stronger relationships and further increases awareness of the issues the supply chain is working to solve. We will promote and celebrate successes with our supply chain.

Continually improve our procurement activities
Pushing boundaries, asking for the impossible, innovating. These are all key attributes of BREEAM and our suppliers as we strive to continuously improve our sustainability credentials. Through a combination of regularly reviewing goals, identifying opportunities and developing solutions, we aim to improve the performance and lessen the impact of our products and supply chain.

Our Approach

Discover how we work towards achieving our sustainable procurement goals through our approach, values and working principles