New Ene 01 Alternative Methodology for New Construction 2018

As a third-party certification scheme which focuses on rewarding projects that go above and beyond in terms of sustainability, at BREEAM we are constantly evolving to ensure that BREEAM certification continues to award the projects which make truly sustainable design choices. Recently, BREEAM has introduced an alternative methodology to the ‘Reduction of energy use and … Continue reading “New Ene 01 Alternative Methodology for New Construction 2018”

Digital Infrastructure Part 1: Energy

This is what happens on the internet every 60 seconds, and it is but a tiny snapshot of everything that happens.

Our digital lives are becoming increasingly dependent on this network, but this is having an increasing physical impact too. Alongside the visible infrastructure that crisscross the surface of our planet, an invisible digital infrastructure is growing in parallel, through the air, under the oceans and beneath our feet.

In this article we will explore some of the increasing impacts of our digital lives, the future challenges they pose, and the solutions that might address them.