BREEAM USA In-Use Version 6 is here!

BREEAM USA launches the new and improved BREEAM USA In-Use Version 6 for the environment assessment and benchmarking of existing buildings.

Green Building conference 2019, Kiev

In November 2019, BREEAM delegates David Leonard and Weikai Gong attended the first Green Building Conference held at the Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (KNUCA). Organised by Professor Tetyana Krivomaz,  Professor of Kyiv National Construction and Architecture University, the conference was attended by students, members of the construction industry and BREEAM assessors … Continue reading “Green Building conference 2019, Kiev”

Digitising Assurance Through Improved Connections

The end of Digital Construction Week (UK) provides a great opportunity to reflect on how the industry is utilising new technologies to drive forward efficiencies and value. This year many of the speakers were keen to focus the listeners minds on the challenges facing the industry, often referring to the Construction 2025 targets and the need to deliver our projects cheaper, faster and more sustainably, without sacrificing on quality.

New: BREEAM Indicators to be added to BREEAM Projects

BREEAM certification provides a means of recognising and reflecting the value in higher performing assets. It also provides the ability to benchmark an asset’s performance & validate is sustainability credentials in line with the BREEAM requirements. But what does this mean in terms of an asset’s impact on key sustainability issues our society and the environment are facing today?

BREEAM certification provides value in demonstrating building performance & impact, but it also has a role to play in effectively communicating this in a way that is meaningful to asset investors, owners, users and the wider public. We must consider how we present building performance information so that we can understand it in a real-world context.