Key Facts

BREEAM Rating: Excellent
BREEAM Score: 73.8%
Stage: Interim
Date certified: 01/05/2018
Classification: Commercial, Mixed use (BREEAM International 2016 New Construction)
BREEAM Reference: BREEAM-0069-8514

Project Team

Client & Developer: St. Paul’s Developments Polska SPP Sp.z.o.o. S.K.A.
Assessor/AP: Sweco Consulting Sp.z.o.o.
Architect: Horizone Studio
Building Services: CEGROUP

“When the old meets the new”

Textorial Park II represents the continuation of the success story of the existing Textorial Park project, dating back to 2008, which was considered a first class office building in Łódź. The second stage of this investment has contributed to an additional 26,000 m2 of office spaces and created 2,000 new workplaces.

The investor’s vision was to create modern and technically advanced offices in the heart of the historically industrial district of Łódź, with an architectural design of new buildings that would complement the remains of the old textile factories. The desired effect aimed to create a space that will respect the local environment in terms of ecology, local residents and visual effect. In addition to this, the investor set a high environmental target to achieve BREEAM Excellent as a minimum to guarantee high standard and quality of the asset.

The building’s location has been defined as an area of low ecological value which is situated within the Księży Młyn quarter – the former district of the textile industry (the building area was previously developed). To enhance the site ecology, the building’s design does not only provide green roofs and planting attractive to both birds and insects, but also ‘hotels’ especially created for insects.

The project went beyond the required sustainability approach and exemplary credits were awarded in the Transport category. The proposal included various transport types ranging from cycling, car-sharing with priority parking and 10 charging stations for electric cars in the underground parking. Łódź already hosts over 150km of cycle paths and therefore, multiple cycle amenities such as bike spaces, showers and mobile bike-maintenance units were developed within the building. Moreover, it is planned to host one of the stations of the Public City Bike, which also meets one of the Travel Plan recommendations.

And what do people, involved in this project, think about this achievement?

Working as BREEAM Assessor at projects that involve revitalization of historical assets is always a challenge, therefore, achieving a high score of certification with Excellent level for Textorial Park Office is remarkable. This is clearly a benefit of early stage integrated design process that involved many specialists to cooperate directly from the start of the investment process

Dominik Wlodarczyk, BREEAM Assessor, SWECO Consulting

BREEAM is becoming a standard for those who expect high technical standard, very good quality, lower utility bills and greater marketing and transaction value. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve at Textorial Park Office in Łódź

Anna Banas, Director, St. Paul’s Development

When designing Textorial Park II office complex, from very beginning we took into account many aspects of sustainable development, with a view to help reduce costs of future use and maintenance.

Robert Strzenski, Architect, Partner at Horizone Studio