Our BREEAM National Scheme Operators (NSO’s) have had a busy and hugely successful year!


Photo – Geleen Counterflow, Haelen, The Netherlands

DGBC has had an exceptional year for certified developments. Earlier in the year DGBC assessments won 5 of the 10 building awards on offer at the 2017 BREEAM Awards, the winners being;

  • Atlas Building, Eindhoven (Education and Healthcare)
  • Fulfillment Center, Waalwijk (Industrial)
  • Energy Academy Europe, Groningen and Royal Agio Cigars, Duizel (Mixed Use and Other Buildings Award joint winners)
  • Geelen Counterflow, Haelen (Office New Construction Award)
  • Heuvel, Eindhoven (Retail In-Use Award)

This year both the Lidl Distribution Center in Waddinxveen and Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods Head Office achieved an Outstanding.


ITG certified 89 developments this year, increasing its certified assessments by 33%. The number of assessors has also had a steady growth over this year increasing its number of assessor organisations and individual assessors by 14% and 22% respectively.

Prado Urban Business Park in Oeste and Sur both achieved an Excellent rating under BREEAM ES New Construction, Oestre achieved a score of 81.83 % and Sur 79.15% consecutively.

Plataforma Logística LIDL in Alcalá De Henares achieved an Excellent rating and score of 76.16% continuing Lidl’s trend of being one of the most sustainable companies across Europe.

ITG continues to be a key partner for BRE helping us deliver BREEAM training in Latin and South America.


Photo – Thormøhlensgate 49 A-B AS Office building

BREEAM-NOR achieved a 70% market share of office buildings certified in Oslo for the period 2013-2017, the figures for 2018 and beyond are projected to be close to 100% as nearly all planned or under construction office buildings in Oslo are looking for BREEAM Certification.

In 2017 BREEAM-NOR reached a total of 1,282,748m2 of certified floor area across 105 developments, including 4 2 Outstanding’s and 41 Excellent’s. The highest rated building of the 2017 is the Thormøhlensgate 49 A-B AS Office building in Bergen which achieved an Excellent rating and score of 76.3%

Earlier in the year NGBC re-issued a new version of the BREEAM NOR New Construction 2017 2016 focused on amending some errors and updating information regarding publications and standards.


Photo – Lidl Supermarket in Växjö

A huge congratulations to SGBC who completed their first scheme version update this year, with the release of BREEAM-SE 2017 New Construction SGBC have extended the reach of the scheme to new building types. BREEAM-SE assessors are now able to certify schools, housing and residential institutions and apply for their own innovation points. SGBC are hoping this will spur new innovation in the Swedish construction sector and also reward actors who are innovative and are at the forefront of sustainability.

We’re sure BREEAM-SE 2017 will be equally as successful as BREEAM-SE 2013, which boasts the Lidl Supermarket in Växjö as one of its certified projects. The Lidl Växjö store is the first retail building in Sweden to achieve the level of Outstanding at the interim stage and won the Retail category at the BREEAM Awards 2017. The Final Stage also achieved a level of Outstanding and a score of 87%.


Photo – Schlossarkaden Braunschweig | Ettlinger, Tor Karlsruhe

After the acquisition of DIFNI (Deutsches Privates Institut für Nachhaltige ImmobilienwirtschaftGmbH & Co. KG), TÜV SÜD became the exclusive licence partner of BRE Global for real-estate certification according to the BREEAM standard in Germany and Austria.

With the approvals of the BREEAM In-Use CH scheme TÜV SÜD have also become the licenced BREEAM partner in Switzerland.

In the past year the BREEAM DE In-Use scheme has continued to grow with some exciting certifications achieved. The Schloss-Arkaden (Palace Arcade) in Brunswick, which comprises 44,000m² of retail space on the site of a former palace, achieved an Excellent rating and score of 79.68%. Also achieving an Excellent rating and score of 76.39% was Ettlinger Gate in Karlsruhe, considered to be one of the largest inner-city shopping centers in southern Germany.