Home Quality Mark – new developments for 2018

The Home Quality Mark was launched as a Beta version in December 2015

Since its launch we have engaged with many different stakeholders, including developers, the financial sector, assessors, designers, consumer groups, manufacturers, planners and more! There has been widespread support for its aims, and firm commitments through project registrations and many organisations aligning with our aims.

As well as engaging directly with HQM stakeholders, our press activities have reached a circulation of over 500 million people, helping to ensure that consumers recognise Home Quality Mark.

We are now looking forward to developing HQM ONE. This will include:

  • An update to the HQM Technical Manual

We have carefully reviewed the feedback from the beta version. Some issues resulted in more feedback than others and so proposed changes will match this. The changes to be brought about will ensure that the technical content is robust, relevant and reflects best practice. We will strive to ensure the scheme addresses the most pressing issues affecting new homes.

  • Release of Scotland and Wales specific manuals

The update will also see the release of HQM Scotland and HQM Wales specific manuals. The manuals will address feedback received during various consultations carried out for the beta version. The proposed technical criteria here will be relevant to the country of assessment and aim to push performance beyond the regulatory minimum. Where required, separate country-specific benchmarks have been developed and in other areas the benchmarks have been harmonised across all countries to ensure assessments are comparable across the UK.

  • Update to quality-related criteria

There is both an urgency and desire to improve standards in housebuilding.  HQM has been developed with the consumer at its heart – ensuring the scheme recognises and helps deliver a quality product that meets the expectation of the occupier is essential. Three key areas that lead to a quality home – considerate design and specification; construction quality; and good customer support. Issues within the scheme that fall under these three areas are being reviewed, amended and improved, and where required enhanced with a view to bringing increased value to the end user and the housebuilding industry.

  • A review and update of the scoring system and ratings

Credit scores for all issues have been reviewed to ensure these represent relative importance of each category in current circumstances.

For more information on HQM please go to www.homequalitymark.com . We welcome your continued support!