Piedmont Mansion, Dongguan, China

Aided by BREEAM, the Piedmont Mansion project represents a premium residential environment for occupants, an embodiment of the BREEAM philosophy.

It features a comfortable indoor environment of light, heat and acoustics, able to provide users with an optimum experience. With openable window areas being of a certain percentage of the gross internal floor areas, the buildings provide occupants with natural ventilation and ample light. Indoor thermal comfort is available with minimum money input. The project aims to:

  • Improve indoor air quality to make a healthy and comfortable living environment. The openable window area in each occupied space is equivalent to 5% or more of the gross internal floor area of that room or floor plate. For rooms and floor plates with large depth, openable window areas are on opposite sides to promote adequate cross-ventilation and reduce mechanical ventilation.
  • Save water and power to make a low carbon building. Using energy-saving lifts, lighting gadgets and air-conditioning devices to increase the buildings’ energy-efficiency and help occupants save money.
  • To save water, water-saving devices have been used, while rainwater will be collected for irrigation, road washing and artificial water sceneries. By reducing use of municipal water supply, waste of water resources will be effectively decreased.
  • Make low-carbon buildings with high-quality building envelop. Buildings’ quality and performance will be enhanced with high-quality building envelop, resulting in reduced energy consumption.
  • Build a low-carbon community with renewable energy Based on the conditions of the project and the local area, solar energy and air energy have been used to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emission.
  • Reduce urban heat island effect with appropriate greening. The project has a large area of vegetation of plants that are suitable to the local climate and laid out properly throughout the project area. They will help to reduce urban heat island effect and make a beautiful and comfortable residential area.


After completion of the construction, sustainable technology has been communicated to occupants to help raise their awareness of environmental protection.

Project Team

Client: Dongguan Zhonghaijiaye Real Estate Development
Assessor: Qingliang Sun, NSD