Tossen 2, Sweden

Tossen care housing is a development of 54 care home apartments, opened in 2014. While centrally located in Örebro, newly built Trossen care housing is focused on outdoor and garden living. The building captures nature’s positive energy by integrating the garden and the surrounding environment into people’s everyday living. Within the site is an outdoor gym, a greenhouse, walking paths and plenty outdoor seating in a lush environment.

SPP Fastigheter’s vision is to own, manage and build sustainable properties and to be at the forefront of environmental, energy efficiency and climate issues. “The environmental aspect is always part of our long-term improvement work. We simply try to be as climate-friendly as possible, for example, by having a very conscious energy use.”

In addition, SPP understands that sustainability is an important issue for their customers. As such, all of their properties are or will be environmentally certified.

EMG, Energy Management Group, at L&T FM AB act as the property owner’s extended arm in running projects with BREEAM In-Use certifications. EMG believe that one of the main reasons for obtaining BREEAM In-Use certification is that the prosperity of the building user and the productivity of commercial buildings can be factored in and measured when optimizing building’s energy performance.

Area: 3,800 m2f
Number of apartments: 54
Opening year: 2014
Tentant: Attendo